Fully Refined paraffin wax 1% (58-60°C)

This type of paraffin wax, identifying by fully refined paraffin wax category and so called crystal paraffin wax in the market, also. The main ingredient of, Max 1% fully refined paraffin wax is heavy slack wax and the final product will be taken by sweetening method. Paraffin wax Max 1% oil, is transparent, white, too hard, non-odor. Our products are producing by full QC supervision according to ASTM standard and will be guaranteed.

Approx. Price: Please contactFully Refined Paraffin wax Max 1% oil 58-60°C
Melting Point58-60 °CASTM D87
Oil Content
1 % MAX.ASTM D721
Color0.5 yASTM D1500
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C4.5-5 cstASTM D445
Specific Gravity @25 °C0.75ASTM D91298