Granule Paraffin Wax 3%

Granule Paraffin Wax Max 3%, is providing from semi refined Paraffin Wax Max 1-3% oil or in combination with paraffin wax and other performance additives.
Granule Paraffin Wax Max 3% is made up of saturated hydrocarbons possessing a fine-grained crystal structure which renders them much more flexible than paraffin waxes. Granule Paraffin Wax Colors available range from white through yellow to dark brown in appearance. Our Granule Paraffin Wax is producing by full QC supervision according to ASTM standard and will be guaranteed.

Approx. Price: Please contactGranule Paraffin Wax 3%
Oil Content3% MAX.ASTM D721
Melting Point66-68 °CASTM D87
Color<0.5 yASTM D1500
Specific gravity0.85ASTM D 3712
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C5.5-6.5 cstASTM D445